Beard transplantation

A thick beard is a symbol of masculinity and a favorite fashion detail of most men. But many men suffer from a weak beard. A thinning beard is exactly the reason why many men decide to transplant it with the sapphire FUE method, which achieves a thicker beard and a more masculine appearance. A beard transplant can fill out the thickness or even create a completely new beard shape. Beard transplantation restores men’s self-confidence and gives them the desired appearance.

Lack of hair in the chin and mustache area can be genetic, caused by stress, poor lifestyle, as well as the result of previous surgeries, burns or injuries. Most men just want to fill in the gaps in their chin and others simply want to add more hair because they are not satisfied with the thickness of their beard. They opt for the only safe and permanent solution – beard transplantation. Successful results can only be obtained by applying the micro sapphire FUE transplantation method.

For beard transplants, only small grafts containing a hair or two are used to make the result as natural as possible. Microincisions are then made in the region the patient wants to fill. It is extremely important that the incisions are made in the correct direction and arrangement as this largely determines the subsequent appearance of the beard. Then, with microsurgical tweezers, hair is implanted into these microincisions in the direction in which the beard or mustache should naturally grow.

Beard transplantation is a simple, effective, painless and minimally invasive method that can permanently improve the appearance of your beard or mustache.

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