Treatments against hair loss

PRP treatment

PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma or therapy with own plasma rich in platelets is a modern technique that serves to stimulate cell regeneration and healing. This is why it is also used for hair growth when thinning occurs, as well as when you want thicker, better quality and stronger hair that grows faster. PRP hair naturally stimulates hair follicles to grow, regenerates the scalp and affects the formation of new blood vessels.

PRP for hair is a type of regenerative medicine method that uses platelets, bioactive proteins and growth stimulators contained in the patient’s own blood plasma to: stop hair loss, regenerate scalp tissue, grow new hair and speed up regenerates existing hair. It affects the creation of stronger and thicker hair, because it stimulates the existing follicle.

PRP is only useful in people with weak and thin hair. PRP cannot stimulate hair growth in areas where it has been completely lost. In those situations, the only solution is a hair transplant.

Hair mesotherapy

Hair mesotherapy is a non-invasive method in which, with the help of thin needles, special mesococktails are introduced into the mesoderm of the scalp where the blood vessels and hair follicles are located. This stimulates circulation, nourishes the scalp and regenerates the hair follicle. Hair mesotherapy will help prevent further hair loss, significantly improve the quality of existing hair and stimulate new hair growth.

The treatment is carried out in office conditions, and if you are not able to come to the treatments in person, you can get a set for mesotherapy with a dermaroller for home use (enough for 10 months).

Mesotherapy for hair cannot stimulate hair growth in places where it is completely lost. In those situations, the only solution is a hair transplant.

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