Vatanmed: general sponsor of Bojan Velevski’s stand-up tour throughout Macedonia

Laughter has long been considered the best medicine, and at Vatanmed we take this proverb to heart by proudly sponsoring Bojan Velevski’s stand-up tour throughout Macedonia. The tour, titled “Sve li ja da mislam?!”, promises an abundance of laughter and unforgettable moments, starting with its grand premiere in Prilep.

The beginning of the event in Prilep was nothing less than spectacular, with an audience that filled the venue to the brim.

As a general sponsor, Vatanmed is delighted to be a part of this journey with Bojan, a partnership that underscores our commitment to improving the well-being of the community through various means. It’s a reminder that health isn’t just about medical treatments and checkups; it is also about joy, laughter and emotional release.

After the premiere in Prilep, the tour will continue in different cities across Macedonia, spreading joy and fun far and wide. We invite everyone to join us in this unique experience; it’s a great opportunity to brighten your spirits and enjoy evenings out with friends or family.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and cities on our social media channels. We believe that by supporting the arts and local talents like Bojan, we can contribute to a healthier, happier community. This tour not only demonstrates the therapeutic power of laughter, but also highlights how cultural events can bring people together in positive, impactful ways.

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