Vatanmed: Official partner of the Basketball Euroleague

Vatanmed Clinic, a world leader in hair transplant services, is proud to announce the start of a new global partnership with the Euroleague Basketball, the most elite basketball competition in Europe.

This pioneering alliance between Vatanmed and the Euroleague Basketball will begin with the playoffs and final four of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague this season, this and next month. The partnership will last for the next two full BKT Euroleague and Eurocup seasons until June 2026.

With this collaboration, the Vatanmed Clinic confirmed its position as one of the most dominant brands on the continent when it comes to hair transplantation.

Vatanmed’s services include hair loss treatment, hair transplantation, eyebrow transplantation and beard transplantation and is recognized for its patient-centered approach. The clinic’s expertise has made it an international destination for anyone looking to improve their physical appearance through these procedures.

“We are happy to welcome Vatanmed to our family of partners. Vatanmed operates in a rapidly expanding sector and this new partnership opens new avenues to raise awareness of transformative restoration techniques that can increase confidence in our communities”, said Gawain Davies, Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships and Licensing, EuroLeague Basketball.

Vatanmed’s commitment to sponsorship until 2026 is the latest proof of how EuroLeague basketball games and platforms bring visibility, engagement and a chance to make a mark in the communities of the partner family.

“We are eager to join forces with the Basketball EuroLeague, uniting our passion for excellence with the excitement of the game”, said Ugur Ozturk, CEO of Vatanmed Clinic. “This sponsorship is more than just a partnership – it’s a commitment to community and shared values.”

EuroLeague fans will be able to engage with a category-leading brand in hair transplant services as Vatanmed will have a major presence with specific branded content on Basketball EuroLeague’s digital platforms, as well as in-arena visibility throughout the upcoming postseason and beyond.

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