Vatanmed clinic received the award for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey

The clinic now located in Skopje, with rapid progress towards becoming a global brand of aesthetic services, received the award “Best hair transplant clinic of the year” in Turkey. Vatanmed Clinic, which was founded in Istanbul in 2007 and now has subsidiaries in 23 countries around the world and with over 250 Turkish medical specialists, has more than 50,000 satisfied customers.

On the eve of the season, the Vatanmed clinic offers a discount of 200 euros on hair transplant services, which also includes a lifetime guarantee certificate and other free services. In addition, the clinic has special offers for additional aesthetic services such as beard and eyebrow transplantation, PRP, mesotherapy, gastric slimming surgery, etc.

“Transplantation procedures are painless because we use the most advanced and modern methods that are present at the international level. In addition to the FUE and Sapphire methods, we are the only clinic in Macedonia that offers the latest D.H.I (direct hair implantation) method. A method of transplantation, in which the graft is implanted directly into the area affected by hair loss, without the need to shave the hair.

Professionals make up our workforce and we are always available to our clients before, during and after the procedure at any time. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority,” said councilor Stefani Boškovska.

For all those interested, the Vatanmed clinic offers free consultations for hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation and other aesthetic services. For more detailed information and reservations, you can contact them at phone number +389 70 503 490.

Location: Bulevar Krste Petkov Misirkov no. 1, TC Mavrovka in Skopje.

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